• MCI Approved Medical Qualification (MBBS) with 1 year of medical internship


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We believe that every student deserves a chance to pursue education and excel in life. That’s why, at Farz Academy, we offer Medical students the opportunity to get up to 100% scholarship on MRCP UK Exam Preparation courses. We understand that not everyone has the funds for costly MRCP UK Preparation courses, so we offer scholarships to help make expensive medical higher education more accessible. Studying for professional exams is tough, but with Farz Academy’s help, it’s easier than ever before.

Getting a medical career is an expensive endeavor. In fact, the average cost for a medical degree in the UK runs at about £6,000 per year. We offer an inexpensive alternative for those who want to become a Globally Recognized Medicine Consult by clearing most prestigious MRCP UK Exams. Our MRCP UK exam preparation courses are up to 100% scholarship eligible at Farz Academy, so that you get a chance to pursue your dreams of becoming a Medicine Consultant.

  • We have helped many students prepare for their MRCP UK Exams with high passing rates.
  • About MRCP UK Exams:

MRCP UK Exams (Membership of Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK) are the most popular and prominent medical professional exams. As a result, they are also the most difficult to pass. Preparation for MRCP UK Exams is a rigorous process. It involves the study of high-level concepts and a lot of reading. This can be challenging, especially for medical students who are constantly busy with other commitments like clinical rotations, exams and classes.

  • About Farz Academy MRCP UK Exam Preparation Courses:

Farz Academy’s MRCP UK Exam Preparation Courses can help you maximize your efforts by providing you with concise information on the subjects you need to brush up on. MRCP Preparatory courses includes:


  • 250+ Tutotial Video Lectures Topic-wise
  • 2000 updated Questions with answers and explanations by UK based examiners
  • Weekly Mock tests
  • Weekly live interactive doubt clearinbg sessions with live classes
  • Monthly Mega Mock Tests anmd de-briefing seesions.
  • Refreshers course covering the entire syllabus for both Part1 and Part 2 just before the examination


The course is divided carefully to cover 5 stations as mentioned below which is followed by mock tests and personalized feedback sessions from the highly experienced examiners.

  • First 2 days – Clinical stations

Station 1 ( respiratory, abdomen) , Station 3 ( cardiology, neurology) and
Station 5 – (The integrated clinical assessment station)

  • Day 3 – History taking and communication skills stations

Station 2 ( History taking skills station) and Station -4 (The communication skills and ethics station)

  • Day 4 – Mock test

You will get plenty of opportunity to interact with each other and the trained tutors, develop essential skills and boost up your confidence to pass MRCP PACES examination.


  • Which is better MRCP or MD?

Ans: MRCP (UK) is now taken into consideration equal to the General Medicine (MD) in India (as per MCI/NMC). In fact, MRCP offers you with extra blessings than the General Medicine (MD) in case you plan to settle and work outside of India. The MOST SIGNIFICANT gain of MRCP is its extensive reputation in India and abroad.

  • Is MRCP worth doing?

Ans: With the status attached to an MRCP degree, you can get better job offers, more professional benefits, and higher pay.

  • How much does an MRCP doctor earn in UK?

Ans: MRCP doctors salary range in UK is high about 85,000-150,000£/yearly.

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