Surgeons transplant 3D ear made of living cells

A US medical team said Thursday they had reconstructed a human ear using the patient’s own tissue to create a 3D bioimplant, a pioneering procedure they hope can be used to treat people with a rare birth defect. Washington, June 2, 2022 -A US medical […]

POCUS – a versatile tool in today’s medical practice

Utility of Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) has significantly expanded over the last ten years across India and South Asia region. These compactly designed systems can be easily mobilized (as compared to conventional bulky cart-based Ultrasound machines) for quick bedside evaluation of critically ill patients, and new […]

What is monkeypox, its symptoms and threat to you?

(CNN)An extremely rare disease called monkeypox, a much less severe cousin of smallpox, is spreading around the world. More than 250 cases have been reported in at least 16 countries, according to the World Health Organization. Experts say it is spread by close and prolonged contact […]

Indian hospitals set for quality upgradation thanks to ISRO

Many healthcare associations approached ISRO in 2016 to learn the best practices in its quality domain and implement them in their emergency care and critical care departments “for reducing mortality rates.” Some of India’s hospitals are set to upgrade the quality of their services leveraging […]

How to make organic food affordable for all

For organic food to become more affordable, all stakeholders, including consumers, need to play an active role. Instead of buying from brands and grocers that are focused on growth and profits alone, consumers must support ‘responsible’ sellers – those who are committed to creating a […]