DNV Imatis delivers a mobile ICT solution for hospitals that gives healthcare workers access to real-time information anywhere they are. “We empower the mobile hospital workforce by helping them to communicate better and ultimately provide better patient care,” says Baldur Johnsen, Vice President of International Business at DNV Imatis.

Hospitals can be a demanding environment for healthcare workers. Doctors and nurses walk 6–8 km per shift, seeing patients, communicating with staff, and fetching equipment and supplies. When they need crucial information, they must access it from a stationary location such as an office or nurse’s station, and usually their only mobile IT option is the cumbersome “COWS” (Computers on Wheels).

“Healthcare is struggling with using Information Technology that has been designed for office workers. The healthcare workforce is mobile, so clinical IT support needs to be mobile. You would think that IT suppliers to hospitals would have focused on mobility before now, but they haven’t,” explains Johnsen.

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